Noslocker Rewards

Simply upload a video to
up to 40$ per 10000 views

Country groups:

40 USD: United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada

20 USD: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway

2.50 USD: All others

Tips To Increase Your Earnings:

Promote your videos on forums, blogs, groups and to your friends.

Videos can also be embed on any web page

Set files for premium users only.

Make sure you upload when you are logged into your account.

Rules and Conditions:

The Rewards program applies to all files and referrals.
We count all successfully completed streams.
Files smaller than 10MB do not qualify for points.
There are no restrictions for any country - anyone can watch and download videos using our free system.
Minimum payout amount is $10.
Pay outs are done weekly on Monday/Tuesday
You will get the payment in 1-2 days after the payout request was made.
Manipulating the results in any way will result in account disabling.
Your uploads must meet our terms of service.
We reserves the right to modify the rewards program at any time.


Earn up to 40$ per 10000 video views
Earn $$$ from viewed and downloaded videos that range
from 10 Mb to 5000 Mb
Everyone can earn money no matter where they are from